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El dramatismo con que las mujeres en prostitución viven su realidad y la frivolidad y ociosidad en la que se recrean los clientes, muestra el controvertido e inquietante semblante de esta realidad. Palabras clave: clientes de prostitución; masculinidades; industria sexual. ABSTRACT Today, the prostitution in our society turns out to be an indicator of the dominant sexual culture in the patriarchal and capitalist societies. This article tries to contribute with another approach to the analysis of the sexual industry in our country, adjusting, principally, to the experiences of the men involved in the phenomenon of the prostitution in Galicia. The dramatic quality in which the women in prostitution live their reality and the levity and idleness, in which the clients enjoy themselves, show the controversial and worrying face of this reality. The analysis of the clients' speech across the Frame Analysis, and the study of the feminine dominant imaginary among them are portrayed in this text, together with the speech of the women in prostitution and of the men who occupy masculinized spaces. This article tries to be a contribution to the complex study of the phenomenon of the prostitution in our country. Los hombres que acuden a clubes, pisos, y calle, etc.

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